Welcome to the blog of Camp Gan Yisroel West. We are delighted to offer our dear parents the ability to see snippets of day to day life as it happens. Check back daily to view and read about all the wonderful adventures your kids are involved in at camp.


The boys are getting ready for color war this year! We’ll keep you posted about who wins!
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Who will win the title of “Best Camper” this year? Stay tuned to find out…
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Davening is the most special time of day at Camp Gan Yisroel. The boys’ tefillos are filled with kavanna. After davening, the boys sit down to a delicious and filling breakfast that gives them energy for the activities of the day.
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We are planning a very exciting trip to an amusement park this year! Which amusement park? Stay tuned to find out…
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Baking is one of the activities that the girls love most at Camp Gan Yisroel West. Will they make challah, cake or cookies this year? Stay tuned to fined out…
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This is just one of the many snapshots from camp last year – these girls are having a blast! We can’t wait till this year for more fun-filled days!
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