Important Info

Important Info


All fees are nonrefundable except in the case of the camper’s illness, G-D forbid, with a physician’s certification, and only a 66% refund will apply under all circumstances before camp begins. In the event that your child leaves camp during the camp session no refunds will be given. In addition, your child will not be admitted as a camper unless we receive the completed medical form with the proper information and signatures.

Modesty in dress, speech and behavior are the hallmark of Jewish children and adults. Campers attending Gan Yisroel West will be encouraged to make this their goal. Parents are responsible to inform their children attending Gan Yisroel West of the following rules.

  • A camper who creates an unsafe environment or jeopardizes the safety of other campers is deemed unsuitable for camp and will be subject to being sent home at the parent’s expense.
  • Campers must follow all instruction and direction by staff. Behavior that is detrimental to our staff and other campers will not be tolerated. Bullying at any level is unacceptable and will be addressed by staff. Children can be sent home if the director deems their behavior unacceptable.
  • While in camp, each one of us is a Dugma Chaya in all matters of behavior, dress and speech. You must be mindful of everything you do, say, and wear. We will not tolerate any type of speech or conversations that are not Tznius. PLEASE NOTE: A camper or staff member discussing inappropriate matters may be asked to leave camp.



Please be certain to take your child for a medical check-up and have their medical forms completed as no child will be admitted to camp without a completed and signed form in our possession before camp begins. Children who do not have a completed medical form on file can expect to be sent home at parent’s expense.

If your child will be bringing any prescription medication, it must be sent in the original prescription bottle, labeled with the correct dosage, times to be administered and Dr’s name. All medication must be turned in to the office on arrival to camp.

Please do not send any over the counter medication with your child. It will need to be turned in to the infirmary and returned at the end of camp. Our infirmary is well stocked with over the counter medication, ie; Tylenol, Motrin, cold medication and the like and it will be administered as needed by our medical personnel.

We make every effort to provide your child with a pleasant, clean and safe environment. Damage of camp property due to abuse ruins this effort and will not be tolerated. Please note, that campers, that deliberately damage or abuse camp property will be dismissed from camp without a refund of tuition.

There will be a Bus leaving from the Los Angeles area for local campers. Exact information will be sent out about a week before the beginning of camp.

  • Campers may fly into Fresno Airport (FAT) on the first day of camp, (GIRLS June 26, BOYS July 25) between 11am-4:00 pm. Bus ride to camp is ONE HOUR.
  • Campers may fly into Los Angeles (LAX) on the first day of camp between 9am-11am. Bus ride to camp is 5 HOURS.

If your child will be traveling as an unaccompanied minor, you may inform the airline that a representative of Gan Yisroel West will be meeting your child.  Please note that we will not have the name of the staff member meeting your child at the gate until the day before their arrival.

  • Campers may fly out of Fresno Airport (FAT) on the last day of camp between 11:30 am- 2 pm. (GIRLS July 24, BOYS August 20).
  •  Campers may fly out of Los Angeles (LAX) on the last day of camp between 2 pm- 6 pm

There is no fee for bus transportation as long as your child is traveling during these times.

Airline confirmations must be emailed to us as soon as you book your child’s ticket but no later than two weeks before the first day of camp.



Radios, cell phones and other types of receivers are prohibited.

If you choose to send a phone with your child please know that we will collect them and return them at the end of camp. Ipods, music, books and magazines that do not conform to the Camp spirit will be confiscated and returned to your child at the end of camp.

Please send only an actual (not expensive) camera with your child if they wish to take pictures.


Campers will be permitted to call home once a week. Phone days and times will be set for campers once they have arrived in camp.

Emails can be sent to your child at . He/she will receive your correspondence but will need to reply by snail mail. Send along pre addressed and stamped postcards and envelopes.


Girls: July 8, 2017 from 10am – 5 pm

Please no boy visitors over the age of Bar Mitzvah.

Boys: August 5, 2017 from 10 am – 5 pm

Please no girl visitors over the age of Bas Mitzvah.

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